Mû Mbana


Mû Mbana multifaceted artist, singer, poet and composer. Shades and flavors of Africa germinated around the world.

Born on the island of Bolama, Guinea-Bissau, grew up influenced by the music of his immediate surroundings, especially the female voices and religious music of the Brame (Mancanha) and Bidjugu peoples.

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and poet. The maturity of his music and the instruments that accompany it are as a material reflection of his soul of musician and artist. His vast and eclectic curriculum includes 10 albums already published and many stages of Europe, Africa and America.

He has collaborated with many musicians and projects like Selva de Mar, La Locomotora Negra, the great Manu Dibango, Simão Felix, Rosa Zaragoza, Lula Pena, Jurandir Santana or Fabiana Cozza.

Currently, horseback between Bissáu and Barcelona, alternating his solo work with paralel projects like, Nua Trio, with bassist Javier Colina and Jesus Mañeru, Mû & Sasha with Israeli cellist Sasha Agranov, “Mornas Ku Nghuni Nghunidúras” tribute to Guinean authors and the big band Colectivo BDB.

Artist Albums

Mornas Ku Nghuni Nghuniduras
Figa Kanhota
the smell of the earth
Duos Trios and Further conversations
Unaak - Mû & Sasha
Iñén álbum


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