Mû Mbana
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IÑÉN are our hands

The most powerful tool we have

To generate transformations in the realm of matter

Ten is the whole number…

One hand washes the other

Five and five, the full decimality

Two hands

Ten fingers

Hands, wash a corpse

Hands, wash a newborn angel

[IÑÉN] in brame, native language of Mû Mbana, has a double meaning IÑÉN means 10 | IÑÉN means 2 hands

All songs writen and performed by Mû Mbana

Plays : Simbi, Bënsuni, Vocals and Percussion

After 20 years of collective experience and shared roads, Mû Mbana feels the need to express alone, for it, recovers an inedit recording made in 2011 in Portugal, produced by Jorge Cruz.

IÑÉN is more than an album, it is the start of a new stage, thoughtful, deep and slow.

IÑÉN are 10 songs, all of them composed and written by Mû, we hear his voice manly accompanied by the simbi, typical string instrument of the Balanta people, rare to see beyond the limits of Guinea Bissau where it originated.

Mû Mbana builds his own instruments.

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